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Tips for an organized start!

When you need to pack your suitcase, never open the closet and the suitcase at the same time, you risk starting a move. We advise you to think about the days of your holiday or trip and prepare everything you need on the bed or a table. This way you will be able to notice the items you really need and also make the right combinations among them to optimize the space in your suitcase.

Beauty: It would need a separate chapter, but we simply tell you to supplement it with the products best suited to the type of vacation you are preparing for.

If you are traveling as a couple or with family, do not pack "per person" suitcases. Divide the space of the items equally among the suitcases that will travel with you, so that you always have some change available, even in case of lost luggage.

Carry-on Baggage: In recent years, strict rules have been introduced for carrying liquids in the cabin (carry-on baggage). We advise you to comply with them to travel without worries!

    1.  Only a small amount of liquids may be carried on board, in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml for each liquid
    2. Containers should be placed in resealable clear plastic bags, which should be shown to security during metal detector check (max 1 bag per passenger)
    3. Liquids that can be carried on board (max 100 ml each): water and other beverages, perfumes, gels, bubble bath, toothpaste, mascara, creams, lotions and oils, sprays, shaving foams, deodorants

Inevitable in the perfect suitcase is a small emergency kit with medicines that can help you with the more classic traveler's ailments, of course after consultation and prescription, we recommend: an intestinal disinfectant, an anti-diarrheal and anti-nausea, effervescent anti-flu tablets (air conditioning is often relentless), a broad-spectrum antibiotic, eye drops, ear drops (how nice it is to go scuba diving or be in the pool...) an antihistamine, disinfectant for small wounds, and band-aids. Especially if you are traveling with children-all for them, too! (Editor's note: in the case of the use of life-saving or psychotropic drugs, please note that there are special regulations for the transportation of these drugs while traveling, and our agents will be happy to explain them to you).

Checking the validity and compliance of one's travel documents is always a big responsibility. Don't underestimate it; it could preclude your departure; don't commit this levity.

ALWAYS check your documents and remember that our agents always provide information regarding Italian passengers traveling with Italian documents. Non-EU citizens, even if resident in Italy but traveling with foreign passports, should contact the relevant consulate or embassy.


When you are preparing to take a trip abroad, take a tour of the consult the latest Farnesina updates on the country you are traveling to and register your departure.

Don't be caught unprepared!!!
Always check the value of the local currency of the country in which you are about to leave. Currency fluctuations are unpredictable, so leave informed!

Visas make up the travel documents, but are not required for all foreign countries. Some can be purchased from Italy, others can or must be purchased locally.
Always check whether entry into a foreign country requires a visa.

The tourist tax is payable by nonresidents staying in accommodation facilities in the municipality: the regulations stipulate that the fee must be paid directly by the traveler to the manager of the accommodation facility at which he or she stayed overnight, at the end of each stay.

In Italy, more than 450 municipalities have introduced the tourist tax; here is a list of some important destinations.

Before any trip of even a single day, investigate the weather forecast for the area where you are about to go, you will save yourself a lot of surprises and be better prepared for any "unforeseen events."

Even in the super-technological age of GPS, it is always useful to get an idea of where the parking lot of the station/port/airport from where you will later depart, for example, or a meeting place with a group, or a map of the city you are about to learn about.