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The Frigerio Group today establishes itself as an important leading player in the Italian travel panorama. 75 years of history, three generations with passion and values unchanged through time. Innovation, Security, Resilience.


The Proprietary Companies

The 6 companies that make up the Frigerio Group are engaged in different activities in the fields of transport, tourism, technology and amusement parks, with a solid reputation in the field.

The Group's goal is to offer a wide range of services and reliable solutions, from unforgettable travel experiences for the consumer, to a pleasant and comfortable experience, be it by bus or at a water park, to practical and advantageous solutions of affiliation for small local agencies, also thanks to proprietary technological innovations.

Founded in 1949 shortly after the end of World War II, it is theforefather of the Group. Leader in mobility throughout the Italian territory.

Founded in 1974, it is the engine of the Group and deals with Tourism. Find out our best offers for individual travel on the new portal.

Founded in 1999, it deals with network affilitations and franchising.
Nowadays there are more than 90 affiliates tra agenzie e consulenti in tutta Italia. Scopri le nostre formule.

Under management since 2016, it isthe only water park in Milan which represents an educational centre on the territory for young people, children and families.

Founded in 2020 to bring life to an innovative project about digital development in the world of Business Travel. The Portal is our winning answer to face the current and future great challenges of the travel market evolution.

From 2023 the Group is the majority shareholder of the network, which today counts 70 Personal Travel Expert in tutta Italy.

Our Business Units

The Frigerio Group operates in several Business Units, each specialized in a specific sector to guarantee an optimal and accurate service.

Each Business Unit is designed to address the unique needs of the market and offer targeted solutions.

Marketing, Comunication and M.I.C.E. Give Heart to an idea means creating emotions. Discover our direction for valuable experiencies.

Leisure individuals and groups. Important partnerships with the best Tour Operators and DMCs, hotels and airlines worldwide.

UNCONVENTIONAL travel experiences, to live new and wholesome emotions. Proposals for local tourism and Incoming.

Wide range of specific services for business travel. An integrated technological and digital ecosystem, a smart and intuitive platform for business transfers.