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Frigerio Viaggi, as a guarantee of the quality and service it has always dedicated to its customers, has obtained the Certifications and Is in good standing with the national guarantee fund.

ISO 9001

The standards for this certification were produced by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to define international requirements for quality management systems, requirements applicable to any type of process or business sector. ISO 9001 is certainly the best known and most widely used standard for quality management systems worldwide.

ISO 9001 requirements apply to all business processes, from sales to reservation management, from purchasing arrangements to dispute management, etc. Processes must be documented through appropriate documentation (quality manual, procedures, instructions) that is periodically checked and verified by an accredited certification body.

All this is done with a view to maximum transparency and customer satisfaction, because ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the company's quality management system has been recognized as meeting a standard of excellence.


Other ISO Certifications

ISO UNI EN 14001:2015 Environmental Certification: for environmental performance management, pursuing environmental protection, pollution prevention, and reduction of energy and resource consumption.

UNI ISO 45001 2018 workplace safety certification: for the management of worker safety and health, aims to make the management of the risk of occupational diseases and injuries more efficient by adopting better standards to prevent them.

ISO 20121:2012 Certification: establishes the requirements for the organization of sustainable events, which have minimal impact on the environment and the community, and help strengthen relationships with stakeholders, from Local Authorities to suppliers and customers, from workers to event participants and users.

***NOVELTY *** UNI/PDR 125:2022 Certification on Gender Equality.

UNI/PDR 125:2022 Certification provides for the measurement, reporting and evaluation of organizations' gender data, with theAim to close the existing gaps between male and female employment. An extremely useful tool, as it gives a holistic measurement of the organization's level of maturity and provides a gender equality management system that allows desirable improvements to be monitored over time.

To date, there are only a few hundred companies throughout Italy that have achieved UNI/PDR 125:2022 Certification on gender equality, and Frigerio Viaggi is among the first in tourism. A tangible sign of the Group's commitment to social responsibility, diversity and inclusion. 

Transparency and guarantee of solvency

The protection of travelers in case of travel agency bankruptcy, besides being a due act, is mandatory by law after the repeal of the national guarantee fund. As in Europe, outlets must take out insurance coverage to guarantee their risk of bankruptcy or insolvency. Frigerio Viaggi Network, together with other major market players, chose with insight and foresight to establish FVF - Happy Holidays Fund, created by industry professionals for those in the travel market.