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10 good reasons to take out travel insurance...and 3 more to choose our own!

A trip should be an unforgettable moment, and a travel policy ensures that it remains so even in the event of unforeseen events.

01. Because there can be safeguard against cancellation penalties in case of trip cancellation.

02. Because while traveling you may have health problems that require support immediate.

03. Why does the Health Convention in the European Union only guarantee reimbursement for hospital expenses and not thesupport o i return costs.

04. Why in some countries such as the U.S. the health care costs are prohibitively expensive. But not only that, even in beautiful exotic countries to access a good level of health care it is necessary to use private hospital facilities, which are equally expensive.

05. Because medical personnel may not necessarily speak English or the language we know. And the insurance company provides a interpreter and/or a local correspondent.

06. Why the pharmaceuticals abroad have other names, and assistance from an insurance company can help identify them.

07. Because if the plane delay or you lose the coincidence, insurance assists and reimburses.

08. Because if the bagaglio suffers damage, delays or thefts, you can request a refund for basic living expenses.

09. Because while on the road, insurance can protect the relatives at home o manage the emergency that occurred at theresidence.

10. Because in case of need, insurance is ready to assist clients if they need to replan the journey.

3 pluses dedicated just to you

Un viaggio deve essere un momento indimenticabile e una polizza viaggi garantisce che rimanga tale anche in caso di imprevisti. Tutti i pacchetti del catalogo WOW sono coperti da assicurazione Ergo che, oltre alle normali garanzie previste, ha una marcia in più per tutelare te e la tua vacanza.

Ti diamo ben 3 more reasons custom-designed to protect yourself, your fellow travelers and your vacation, whatever your vacation choice.

01. Civil liability On the passenger in case it causes damage to third parties unintentionally (up to 100,000 euro))

02. Reimbursement for towing and return, or onward travel, of passengers: very useful if you travel with your own car but are not an ACI member

03. Covid Safe: insurance is valid even if you or a traveling companion are positive.

For full details on insurance, see the relevant pages at the end of the catalog.


The variables and services listed above depend on the type of policy taken out

The insurance products that you can book at a Frigerio Viaggi agency are provided by Ergo Insurance, the history of which coincides with the history of travel insurance and begins as far back as the 1907, when Max Von Engel invented policies to protect luggage in case of fire on steam trains.

In addition to the classic guarantees - such as medical assistance and expenses, baggage, compensation for delayed departure of flights, cancellation and trip interruption - you can create, with the support of our agents, the Your insurance policy with customized limits and coverages, built according to your needs and the characteristics of your trip.