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Digital services for newlyweds

Frigerio Viaggi, thanks to the latest technology, offers future newlyweds special services for the honeymoon travel list. Plus a great novelty: the Augmented Reality participation!   

Are you an invitee and need to access an online wedding registry? Click here

The online wedding list

Relatives and friends will be able to join the list not only by going to the agency, but also from home by connecting online at a dedicated site.
They will be able to choose the payment method and their greeting message.
And you newlyweds can request thelist and quota performance collected at any time!

Everyone who participates in the wedding registry will receive a DISCOUNT VOUCHER of 50.00 EURO for their next vacation
(in participating agencies).

...And exclusively for Our Honeymoon Clients...
FURTHER DISCOUNTS of up to EUR 200.00 on the file
*With participating Tour Operators, according to the conditions of each.

Lista nozze
Partecipazioni a Realtà Aumentata

Invitation to Augmented Reality

Turn your paper wedding invitations into a invitation to Augmented Reality!
Announce your event with imagination and originality... we offer you a unique tool to publish your Save the Date and video invitations.

Contact us for more information

Our honeymoon professionals are at your disposal, please request more information without commitment. Fill out the form and specify the wedding date, we will get back to you as soon as possible.